Shelly Cloud will shut down on March 31, 2016.
All services you use will be operational until then.

What should I do next

You will need to migrate your application(s) to a third party platform or hosting. We can't recommend any specific solution as every application is different. Here is a list of some alternatives to Shelly:

Please remember to think about possible downtime during migration, especially when you will move your database. To avoid this, you should set up your new hosting first before turning off the cloud.

As soon as you finish migration turn off your clouds (remember to remove your private IP endpoints too). We don't want to charge you for redundant resources.

Why we decided to shut down

Shelly Cloud started five years ago as an internal project of Ragnarson, a Ruby consulting company we were working for. We built it to solve the problems we had when deploying apps that we built for our customers. Three years ago we decided to spin it off into a separate business. During this time we have learned a lot about building products, both from the technical and business perspectives. We did a lot of that learning on our own mistakes, and we did a few big things wrong.

The biggest problem was lack of a consistent vision of how Shelly Cloud should work and what we should focus on. Shares were distributed between too many people with different viewpoints and we lacked strong leadership.

Another issue was that we were trying to be everything for everyone. Instead of focusing on a few key features, we responded to almost every customer request and worked on everything at once. Because of that, we didn't deliver features as polished as they should be, which caused increased workload on support and maintenance.

Third problem was that our pricing was too low. None of the founders had any business background, and we just went ahead with the prices that we would like to pay as developers. Even when we reached break-even, the growth on the income side was barely covering the increased expenses on support and maintenance.

We don't want to build a platform that we wouldn't use. We know how hard is to decide on hosting solution, but we are not able to provide a better service in current conditions. Our plan from now is to focus on Ruby consulting as Ragnarson.

We would like to say thank you to everyone, for trust and being with us for years. Building Shelly Cloud wouldn't be possible without you. Sorry that we've failed your expectations, but it's time to move on.

- The Shelly Cloud Team