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Shelly Cloud will save you money

Shelly Cloud is significantly cheaper than other PaaS hosting providers. You save money by getting all services needed to run your application from one provider. We run our own servers, so there is no "Amazon tax" included in our prices. You pay only for what you use with per-hour metered billing.

Thinking of deploying on your own infrastructure? Take a look at what it takes to prepare a complete deployment solution. It's faster and cheaper to use our platform.

Compare our platform with deploying on your own servers

As a developer I always struggle finding the right balance between server management and costs.
Shelly Cloud takes this pain away by making development fun and easy at a really affordable price.
Their platform offers unparalleled performance and stability. Shelly Cloud fits my every need.

— Arjen Oosterkamp, arjen.me

Complete stack for modern web apps

You will never have to wake up at 3 a.m. again

You can sleep safe knowing that our platform is monitored 24/7. We have an automated frontend failover setup, which means that even when servers crash, your apps keep running.

All your data is safely stored across multiple servers to protect you from hardware failure. If a migration goes wrong, you can restore from one of frequent full backups.

Need help with anything? Our support is always waiting for you. We answer every request, so don't hesitate to contact us.

I find Shelly Cloud support team to be very helpful and capable. Even proactive, at times, which is remarkable. Being contacted just as I'm about to ask for help shows they care.

— Filipe Moreira Guedes, Novertur

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All new accounts start with €20 credit

You can use the credit to create as many clouds as you want. There is no limit, but running multiple clouds will burn through the credit quicker.

All accounts, including those using the free credit, get the same level of support. We are always happy to help with deployment and any problems that might arise with migrating apps.

If you have any questions, email us at support@shellycloud.com or visit our Campfire support room.

Server management for developers is a huge pain most of the time. I am glad that there is such a great service like Shelly Cloud. Their care about clients is outstanding. Whenever you need something, support team is ready to help instantly! Where would you find such a friendly environment? I am really happy being at Shelly Cloud, because I can focus developing my business application and leave the rest to them!

— Giedrius Rimkus, Dirt Rally

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