March 31, 2015

Just how fast is Heroku compared to Shelly Cloud

Nowadays, there are various different solutions for hosting Ruby applications. According to the Rails Hosting Survey 2014, one of the most common ways (47%) is to use Cloud-based hostings such as Heroku or Shelly Cloud. Doing this simplifies the entire deployment process to a minimum, and also does not require any additional people in your team to manage servers. The final choice will always depend on many factors, such as support quality, deployment simplicity, and performance to name just a few. Today, I will try to show you how fast Heroku and Shelly Cloud really are.

March 23, 2015

Lotus performance tested against Sinatra

Some time ago I heard about Lotus. A fresh Ruby framework for building web applications. It is created from stand-alone parts which are shipped as separated gems. This means that I am able to pick only the essential components for my project. The source code can be found on github.