Shelly Cloud will shut down on March 31, 2016. All services you use will be operational until then. Read our announcement.
Please remember to turn off your cloud as soon as you finish migration (remember to remove your private IP endpoints too).
We don't want to charge you for redundant resources.

Quick Start

Create an account

You need to sign up first to use Shelly Cloud.

You will need to confirm your account by clicking a link in an email we send to you.


Your app must meet deployment requirements to work. The easiest way to do this is add our shelly-dependencies gem to the Gemfile

group :production do
  gem 'shelly-dependencies'

Looking for an app to deploy? Try our example app. It shows how to set up PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Sidekiq and more.

Create the cloud

# Install the shelly gem
$ gem install shelly

# Authenticate your account
$ shelly login
Email ( - default): [enter your email or press enter]
Password: [enter your password]

# Generate default Cloudfile
$ cd ~/your-app
$ shelly add
$ git add Cloudfile
$ git commit -m "Added Cloudfile"

# Deploy master branch to production
$ git push shelly master

# Start your cloud
$ shelly start

Your app is live!

Once the deployment finishes, your application will be accessible at

What's next?

If your application requires additional setup, here some pointers for specific subsystems: