Shelly Cloud will shut down on March 31, 2016. All services you use will be operational until then. Read our announcement.
Please remember to turn off your cloud as soon as you finish migration (remember to remove your private IP endpoints too).
We don't want to charge you for redundant resources.

Joining to Existing Cloud


In order to use Shelly Cloud, you must first create an account. To do that, you will need the shelly gem

$ gem install shelly

Then, register with the email address that received the invitation message

$ shelly register
Password: [enter your password]
Password confirmation: [enter your password]

Uploading your public SSH key from /Users/john/.ssh/
Successfully registered!
Check you mailbox for email address confirmation

The shelly register command creates an account for you and also copies your SSH public key to our servers, which will be used for git authentication.

After you click the link you received in the second email your account is verified and ready to use.

Adding a git remote

In order to deploy your application to Shelly Cloud you need to push commits to a git remote hosted on our servers.

To add the remote to your git repo simply run

$ shelly setup
Setting up example cloud

Running: git remote add shelly
Running: git fetch shelly

Your application is set up.

shelly setup will add remotes based on the Cloudfile content

To read more about git remotes, visit or run git help remote.